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About me

Coaching for expats & startups in Berlin

As a certified PNL Coach and Hypnotherapist, I started my coaching activity in Berlin in 2018 with CoachinginBerlin: life and business coaching for expats & start-ups in Berlin. I offer individual sessions and collective workshops.

My goal? To help my clients to overcome the obstacles of life, to grow, and to achieve their goals, their dreams ...

Having changed my career from marketing to coaching, I have personally experienced the problems of overcoming one's fears and blockades, working on oneself, self-confidence and assertiveness, defining one's own strategy, developing a new business model until it is put in place.

I have now found meaning in my work, my vocation which is to help you find yours, to support you in the development of your personal and/or professional goals.

Let me help you to learn and to develop better ways to manage problems that prevent you from achieving your goals. Contact me to define together your individual coaching program.

With Coaching in Berlin: Life Coaching - Business Coaching - Communication - Hypnosis to realize your dreams !


My services

Coaching and Hypnosis for expats and enterprises in Berlin

Need help to reach your goals in life? I use a variety of communication techniques to provide quality coaching service, and give you the right tools to succeed. In addition to individual consultations, I regularly organize workshops and seminars for people and enterprise who wish to develop their skills.

Personal coaching

Life coaching - Business coaching

This is one of my most successful services. Why ? Because it leads to a happier and healthier life. My job is to give you the tools and methods to achieve your professional and/or personal goals. After several sessions, you will know how to overcome problems, manage stress, make decisions, use your skills and resources, develop confidence in yourself to better achieve your projects and achieve your dreams. Call me now to book a session.


Coaching Packages

Self-Confidence - Job coaching

You do not trust yourself? Do you have doubts and are afraid to make the wrong decisions?
Don't be worry, I have a solution for you! Thanks to my "Self-Confidence Coaching Package", I support you to boost your self-confidence and to gain self-esteem.
I also propose a "Job Coaching Package " to help you to find the right job and optimize your application documents. If you are interested in, feel free to contact me.

Coach d'entreprise - Coaching in Berlin

Enterprise Coaching - Collective Workshops

Management Coaching - Team Building - Collective Coaching

The most effective way to develop leaders and high-potential individuals today is with Coaching. I am offering individual or collective classes to fit specific coaching objectives or organizational goals. As a startup or company,  you can directly contact me to define together the customized coaching program that you need. 
In addition, I also organize collective workshops and coaching seminars to develop your professional and personal skills.


Stop smoking - Weight loss - Blockades - Stress - Self-confidence

Hypnosis offers an effective and fast way to release problems and old habits, simply and effectively, in direct dialogue with the subconscious. 
The positive changes that happen through hypnosis are sustainable and have a positive effect on your life: stop smoking, weight loss, blockages...
Sessions only in french & german.
If you want to use the power of hypnosis, please contact me today to make an appointment.



What the clients are saying about me

I give each customer the opportunity to change their life. Feedbacks of my clients are really important for me to improve myself. I am really happy to see how much I helped them to change their vision of life.

"Audrey is a coach with excellent interpersonal skills, which is essential during a first session, in order to focus on oneself and one's emotions. She taught me how to manage my stress and regain my self-confidence during public speaking. Thanks again ! "

Claire P.

"A huge thank you to Audrey, thanks to her for 3 weeks I stopped smoking. It's amazing but true, in only 3 sessions. No more envy, I can only recommend it . "

Guillaume C.

"I recommend Audrey for her kindness, empathy and listening. She was able to accompany me and adapt to my request by pointing precisely where I had to change my eyes and take action. A big thank-you . "

Fabien D.


Prendre RDV

Vous êtes prêt à prendre en charge votre vie et à changer, il est donc temps de réserver votre séance de coaching ou d'hypnose.

La prise de contact, est gratuite et sans engagement. Elle dure 20 minutes maximum par téléphone et vise à répondre à toutes vos questions et à définir l'offre qui vous convient le mieux.

Session en français - allemand - anglais.

Contactez moi maintenant!

Coaching in Berlin - Neukölln Berlin

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Coaching in Berlin - Neukölln Berlin

01577 4019578

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